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Dialiskari is located in the county of Messhnia. There are many things to see around the area, but the nearest are the following. Approximately 1.2 km from the sea there is the town of Marathos, and 6 km further you will find the town of Gargalianoi in the mountains. Marathoupoli is a seaside town, also known as the old port. In Marathoupoli a visitor will find many cafes, restaurants, fish taverns with fresh fish, bakeries, supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies and bars. At a distance of 1 nautical mile from the beach, there is the island called Proti which has clean waters and you can see the ruins of the Mycenaean acropolis ruins or preclassical era, and also ancient signs of post-classical, Roman and Byzantine periods. In Gargalianoi you must visit the temple of Panagia, which was founded during the 17 century and its construction completed in the early 18th century.

At a distance of 5km a visitor can find the sanatial springs of Brwmoneri with a beach and a beach bar. In the same distance you can find the waterfalls of Baltas.

Lagoubardos beach, which is ideal for water-sports and windsurfing, is located in the North of Dialiskari. In the southern area, there is the famous area of Romanos and its famous beach. Furthermore, not very far away, there is the most well-known beach in the area, Boidokoilia beach, and close enough you will also find the ruins of Nestoras' Palace, as well as the ancient burials Traganas. All these areas are located approximately 8 km from Dialiskari. Finally, an area of great interest is the Natura wetland in the lagoon of Gialoba, which is the biggest wetland in the Balkans and has a great variety of birds (265 species) and the unique population, in Europe, of the African chameleon.

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